Air Filter Replacement Services in Raleigh NC

Clean Pros is the Triangle Areas first choice for Residential and Light Commercial Air Filter Replacement. We are staffed and equipped to handle all of your Residential and Light Commercial Air Filter Replacement needs.We offer competitive pricing that will help you improve your air quality while saving money.


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Residential Air Filter Replacement Service in The Triangle

Clean Pros residential air filter replacement service will take the burden out of changing your air filters. No more trips to the big box stores and overpaying for sub standard air filters. As part of your Clean Pros service advantage your air filter replacement service generally takes between 30-45 minutes. Our courteous and professional team members will quickly replace all of your air filters and let you get back to the things in life that are more important.  Hit the easy button and call Clean Pros today to have your air filters replaced. 

Why Air Filter Replacement is Important 

Numerous studies by the EPA have shown that indoor air pollutant levels exceed outdoor levels from 200 to 500 percent.  The most efficient and affordable way to improve your indoor air quality is by replacing your air conditioning systems air filters. For people with allergies and respiratory issues like asthma, emphysema , and COPD air filter replacement is even more critical.
This beneficial and valuable service should be performed a minimum of 4 times per year.  Not only do air filters improve indoor air quality but they also improve the efficiency of your air conditioning system and lower your energy bills.
Air conditioning manufacturers and service companies studies have shown that proper air filter replacement frequency can extend the life of you air conditioning system by up to 20 percent. Considering an average cost of a residential system is around $8000.00 getting an additional 20 percent of life out of you system is a big deal.  Clean Pros can schedule your air filter replacement to fit your busy lifestyle At Clean Pros we are all about saving you time and money while improving your health and quality of life.

Commercial Air Filter Replacement Service in The Triangle

Whether you are a property manager, small business, medical office, retail store or church we can help improve your air quality with the Clean Pros Air Filter Maintenance Plan.  As the employer you will benefit from increased employee productivity and  reduced sick time by having your air filters changed regularly.  We can schedule service times around your operating hours and low traffic times to accommodate your employees and clients. Call Clean Pros today to schedule your air quality consultation.

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